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Release History

0.5???0.5 update
0.42007-06-250.4 update
0.32007-04-190.3 update
0.22007-02-260.2 update
0.12007-02-05Initial public release

Release 0.5 - ???


Release 0.4 - 2007-06-25

fixRemoved json:data tag (was deprecated in previous release). Any usage of json:data MUST now be replaced by json:objectJames Wiltshire
addAdded an escapeXml attribute to all tags that will escape all XML special characters. The default behaviour is to escape all XML characters to help prevent XSS attacks. This can be disabled by setting escapeXml=false on any tag, or by setting a page attribute or context-param atg.taglib.json.escapeXml=false.James Wiltshire
addAllow atg.taglib.json.prettyPrint and atg.taglib.json.escapeXml values to be set using a context-param in web.xmlJames Wiltshire

Release 0.3 - 2007-04-19

addAdded support for passing arrays and Maps as well as Collections to the 'items' of the json:array tag. The 'items' attribute should now accept all of the same types as the c:forEach tag.James Wiltshire
addAdded an 'Examples' page to the siteJames Wiltshire
addAllow pretty-printing to be enabled by setting a page attribute "atg.taglib.json.prettyPrint".James Wiltshire
fixAllow json:array as a top level tag, along with json:object. This allows both JSON objects and arrays to be serialized as per RFC 4627. Deprecated the json:da ta tag which is no longer required. Fixes SourceForge bug & aid=1681593 & group_id=187961 & atid=923407 Fixes 1681593.James Wiltshire
fixFixed bug where a List would still cause the json:array tag to render the body of that tag, even if the List was empty (thanks to Stephen Drye)James Wiltshire
fixFixed some incorrect code samples on the site (thanks to John Layton)James Wiltshire
fixRenamed modified org.json package as atg.taglib.json.util so it won't cause collisions with anyone who is already using Crockford's Java JSON library (thanks to qxo) Fixes SourceForge bug & aid=1683408 & group_id=187961 & atid=923407 Fixes 1683408.James Wiltshire
fixFixed json.tld file so it validates in Resin.James Wiltshire

Release 0.2 - 2007-02-26

fixCompilation of source code now uses target=1.4, source=1.4 so that the generated jar can run within a container running on Java 1.4James Wiltshire
fixFixed checks to ensure that tags are nested properly. Previously the checks were too restrictive and depended on the tags having a specific parent tag. This broke things when using JSP include directives or JSTL within a JSON data structure.James Wiltshire
addCreated new CSS for the siteJames Wiltshire
addAdded a 'Build Instructions' page to the siteJames Wiltshire
addAdded changes-report to t he siteJames Wiltshire
addAdded descriptions to all attributes in tag documentation (json.tld)James Wiltshire

Release 0.1 - 2007-02-05

addCreated codebase for initial release.James Wiltshire