Tag array

Creates a JSON array which consist of Strings, numeric values, booleans, JSON objects, or further JSON arrays. You can pass a List of values using the 'items' attribute. This list will be iterated over, and each value in the list will be added to the JSON Array. If you specify a body for the tag, then the value of each element in the 'items' list will be set to the variabled as named by the 'var' attribute. The body will be rendered for every item in the list. You may also omit the 'items' collection, and add elements directly to the JSON array within the body of the tag. Each json:property, json:object and json:array encountered within the body of the tag will be added to the JSON array sequentially.

Tag Information
Tag Classatg.taglib.json.JsonArrayTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentscriptless
Display NameNone

namefalsetruejava.lang.StringThe name of the array (required if nested within json:object tag)
varfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe name of a page variable that will be set to the item in the list as it is iterated over
itemsfalsetruejava.lang.ObjectA collection, array, or map of items that should be iterated over
trimfalsetruebooleanShould whitespace be trimmed from the beginning and end of String values? (default:true)
prettyPrintfalsetruebooleanShould the rendered JSON be nicely formatted and indented? (default:false)
escapeXmlfalsetruebooleanShould special XML characters be escaped? (default:true)

No Variables Defined.

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